Counting on you and with you to make use of force data available.

As of today, police departments are not required to report how or when they use force. Accountable Now wants to change this culture in three ways.

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Data from the people.

Public safety will not change without transparency. Accountable Now is collecting information on use of force directly from people, police departments, local governments, and more. 

Access for the people.

National use of force data isn't available. Accountable Now collects data and makes it accessible for everyone. We are also analyzing the data to provide meaning and comparison. Explore our beta data explorer.

Action with the people.

Today, policing takes lives without accountability. Reshaping the future of policing is a commitment to racial justice.

Together, we can reimagine public safety and end police violence.

With more than 1,000 people shot and killed by police each year, it is clear that the current system does not work. With local data, we can reimagine how police serve communities.

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