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Accountable Now is fighting for justice and accountability through transparency – and we invite you to join us. Help build the database and learn more about what it will take to build a country where all people can live safely and freely.

Help Get The Data

Data on police actions, like traffic stops or use of force, is public data. That means the public has a right to it. Help Accountable Now push for transparency and collect use of force data directly from city leaders.

Ask city leaders to support Accountable Now.

City leaders like mayors, police chiefs or city managers have access to information about use of force. You can call on cities and agencies to share their use of force data sets and policies and bring transparency to the movement for fair, safe, and effective policing. Use our template letter (linked below) to ask them to join the campaign.  

Contact city leaders

Get data through public records laws.

You can help build the Accountable Now database by requesting data through public records laws. Use our template public records request letter. Once a public official or agency receives your request, they have to respond.

Use our records request template

Share data with Accountable Now.

Upload data and documents you receive to the Accountable Now database. If your data request is denied or not fulfilled in full, upload that response to the database too. This information will help address wider data collection issues.

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What drives this campaign?

We started Accountable Now because we do not know enough about when, where, with who, and how law enforcement agencies use force. We are taking action because too many of our neighbors and community members have been harmed, intimidated, and killed without agencies taking accountability. Use the resources below to learn more about how together, we can take action to stop these unacceptable killings and violations of civil rights.   

Promote accountability and protect civil rights.

Law enforcement may have the power to use force, but misusing that authority endangers civil rights – and lives. Police accountability can help disrupt a generational cycle of community mistrust and harm at the hands law enforcement. Creating fair, safe, and effective policing through policy change is also necessary to reimagine public safety. Learn more about The Leadership Conference’s framework for a new era of policing.

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We need change. Now.

The killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in 2020, among so many others, inspired people across America to look more closely at how police misuse power against Black communities. Use this toolkit to advocate and organize for the types of changes to policing that will end deadly encounters and make law enforcement safe and fair for everyone in your community.  

Use the toolkit

Find policy solutions.

Law enforcement needs to fundamentally change its relationship with communities, and communities must be better served by public institutions. Check out The Leadership Conference’s policy recommendations for a new paradigm of public safety below. You can find additional policy recommendations through the Center for Policing Equity as well.

Learn about our recommendations
Join the Movement

Accountable Now is one campaign among many in the movement to bring change and accountability to law enforcement. Check out these campaigns to get involved in the movement for justice and learn more about issues surrounding police use of force.

Vision for Justice.

Today’s criminal legal system repeats the patterns of criminalization of enforcement that were developed two centuries ago. Vision for Justice is a platform created by The Leadership Conference and its partners to bring oppression and “slavery by another name” to an end through holistic reforms.

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We need to look at police violence through a gender equity lens as well as a racial equity one. The #SayHerName campaign brings attention and awareness to the stories of women and girls who are subjected to police violence.

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Housing not Handcuffs

When cities make eating, sitting, or sleeping in public places a crime – producing arrest records or fines and fees — they pull people into homelessness. The Housing not Handcuffs campaign builds public support for laws and policies that connect people with safe and affordable homes. 

Learn more