Accountable Now's goal is to collect use of force data from 1,000 law enforcement agencies by February 2024, which will be the 3 year anniversary of launching the website.

Accountable Now is an initiative of the policing campaign at The Leadership Conference Education Fund. Accountable Now believes that collecting and sharing police use of force data is the first step to ending violence and reimagining public safety.

Why we started

We started this campaign because we do not know enough about when, where, with who, and how law enforcement agents use force. If cities can build a clear and detailed picture of police use of force, we can better understand the crisis — and address it. Using this data, we can create a country where all people can live safely and freely.

To learn more about The Leadership Conference Education Fund and its mission to build public will for laws and policies that promote and protect civil and human rights, visit our website.

Where we are

Accountable Now is an initiative to reimagine public safety.

Collect police use of force data

Accountable Now is collecting data directly from law enforcement agencies, community members, activists, and public records. Find and share data from around the country using Accountable Now’s interactive map.

Dechert LLP and Akerman LLP, with the help of their teams of lawyers, have lead the public record requests process for Accountable Now. We are grateful for their support of this project.

Empower and inform advocates

Police are a piece of the American legal system. Without policing data, the public can’t see how the system works, how often police use force, or something as fundamental as how many departments there are.  

Changemakers can fix what data can measure. The data Accountable Now collects is a tool for building a new approach to policing.  

Create a cohesive data set

Accountable Now is partnering with NORC at the University of Chicago to provide greater meaning to the data we've collected and to set nationwide standards for use of force data. Explore our beta data explorer.

Who we work with

Our partner NORC at the University of Chicago is processing, standardizing and analyzing the existing data so that users can compare data between different cities. Data sets make an impact when they contain detailed information about use of force incidents.