Numbers alone don’t tell the full story. These reports, data stories, and data visualizations add important context to the use of force data we have gathered, analyzed, harmonized, and shared on Accountable Now.

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Police Undercount Use of Force

Read NORC's overview of what is missing from police use of force data.

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Tiny Wrists in Cuffs: How Police Use Force Against Children

AP reporters use Accountable Now to source data about police use of force against children and shed light on the need for transformative change in policing.

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For a second year, most U.S. police departments decline to share information on their use of force

Check out this Washington Post article highlighting a key reasons why we need a different national approach to collecting and publicizing police use of force data.

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Maryland enacts landmark police overhaul, first state to repeal police bill of rights

Learn about the Police Bill of Rights and why Maryland is the first state to repeal this legislation.

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The Science of Justice: Seattle Police Department

Center for Policing Equity's National Justice Data Base Report on the Seattle Police Department's stops and use of force.

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Cincinnati Enquirer: Massive racial disparities in CPD use of force

The Cincinnati Enquirer uses data from Accountable Now to compare Cincinnati Police Department's use of force to others across the country.

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Bree Spencer Talks Need for Transparency on Conversations with Al McFarlane

Bree Spencer joins Conversations with Al McFarlane on Lawyer Talk; discussing the overall mission of Accountable Now and need for transparency in police use of force data.

Conversations w/ Al McFarlane

Connecticut reporter chronicles the cycle of misconduct for police officers who move jurisdictions

The Stamford Advocate discusses the cycle of trouble following officers leaving positions over misconduct, citing a specific Ridgefield Police Lt.'s story

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Report Shows Racial Disparities in Excessive use of Police Force in Fairfax County, Virginia

Accountable Now data shows police in Fairfax County, Virginia, disproportionately using force against people of color.

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The Austin Chronicle announces the launch of Accountable Now, tracks data from Austin, TX

The Austin Chronicle announces the launch of Accountable Now and what the database could mean for the future of policing in America.

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The Hill details the launch of Accountable Now

The Hill cites the release of police use of force data by Accountable Now in the racial injustices in law enforcement.

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WKRC Cincinnati: Police Department uses force disproportionately against Black suspects vs. white

WKRC (Local 12) uses data from Accountable Now to highlight the disproportionate use of force based on race by Cincinnati Police Department.

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Accountable Now Initial Launch

Times Magazine coverage of the Accountable Now launch in February of 2021.

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